Writing a Ghost Novel

I’ve been caught up recently in a novel that features a ghost —not the friendly, sassy spirit I write about in the Frankie and Josh mysteries, but a frightening female spirit that terrorizes the man who dated her before her death.

It’s an interesting exercise for a writer to try to create a frightening landscape, especially in modern times and even more especially if the novel is set in sunny San Diego. Much of the terror the reader feels has to be by his or her inference. I’m in the process of linking social media to the supernatural. It makes for a very exciting story. Two possible working titles interest me at the moment: HELLO AGAIN  or MEET ME IN HELL. I’m leaning toward the latter since the former is found in a movie with Jerry Lewis. Now there is the absolute opposite of scary.

Meanwhile Jane Blond International Spy continues to garner all four and five star reviews. One woman wrote that Jane is the type of girl she would have wanted to have as a friend when she was a teenager. What a nice compliment! Pen-L is readying A Bullet for the Ghost Whisperer for its November 15th release and reviewers are currently reading a pre-release copy.

Happy reading!