Death and Donuts

There’s an interesting story behind the title of my latest in the Frankie and Josh series– we’ll relate that story another time. I’ve been writing like a madman and just completed the first draft of this novel. There’s a lot of work on my part ahead and just as much if not more work from Pen-L before the book sees the light of day. Still, it’s always far easier to shape and refine a block of words than it is to stare at a blank page.

I think you’ll enjoy the story and the reappearance of Frankie, Josh, and the friendly and sassy Andy. It’s a political year, and the book has political overtones and a political theme. I hope you all enjoy picking up and reading a copy later this year. I will reveal the cover when the book finally reaches that stage of development.

One thought on “Death and Donuts

  1. I just finished the book and loved it. The designer drug, Ruby Red, is something you made up, but I am sure there are several drugs that are similar out there, that will be the death of many people in the future. I loved the way you made Frankie a strong female lead and included her own issues that she dealt with, while doing her job.

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