Updating Einstein: My Unified Theory Explaining Trump and His Future

Scientists have long sought to come up with a “theory of everything,” one simple theory that answered all the questions about the way things work and made everything make sense. I’ve come up with a unified theory regarding Donald Trump. Bear with me for a couple of minutes, and everything will make sense. Let’s start with the Republican establishment.  Have you wondered why the Speaker of the House and the Majority Leader both give him such strong support? What about Bannon and Miller behind the scenes? What exactly is going on?

Paul Ryan is in a box. He desperately wants to get his legislative agenda passed. He would prefer cutting social security and Medicare immediately, but Trump promised nothing would be done about these two programs for now. So? How do you get the money to pay for a 10% increase in military spending to prepare for future wars to fuel the industrial military complex? Several senators have already made it clear they wouldn’t vote to gut social services to the extent Trump wants to do, so the money has to come from a border added tax.

Whoops! The “Freedom” caucus almost 50 strong is composed of fiscal conservatives who want to see offsets for every expense and certainly don’t want to see any new taxes. So, that’s where the symbiotic relationship between Trump and the Republican establishment comes into play. There is only one thing that conservative Republican House members fear —that’s certainly not Democratic challenges since their districts for the most part are safe through gerrymandering. What they do fear with all their hearts, though, is a primary threat from someone more conservative than they are. Trump has many supporters who fall into the very conservative camp. Imagine, if you will, what happens if several “Freedom” caucus members announce they will not vote to kill the Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) because they don’t buy into the border tax to help finance the cost of supporting people currently on that plan. Presumably all Trump has to do is tweet the names of these people and tell his fans that they are keeping him from fulfilling his promise to demolish Obamacare. He then can tweet that he would support a primary candidate to take them on in 2018.

That threat probably will be enough. In fact, any time there is rough sledding in Congress, look for the Republican establishment to rely on Trump to get reluctant House members to go along.

Bannon and Miller have a different reason for supporting Trump. Both are die-hard nationalists who can praise the President and push him in any direction they want. While someone like Barack Obama might have been impossible to manipulate like a puppet because of his intelligence and psychological health, Donald J. Trump is an easy mark.

I’m assuming the Russians are also using Trump. Besides all the people in his cabinet who have been shown to have contacts with the Russians, there are the rumors about massive financial loans or gifts he has received. Ironically, the only way for Trump to show these rumors are not true would be to release his tax returns. I think he would rather die first than admit he’s a lot “smaller” than he pretends to be.

So, what happens next? I believe the Republican establishment already has anointed Mike Pence as the man they really want to work with to achieve Republicans’ wet dreams regarding everything from unrestrained capitalism to the abolishment of social security and medicare as we now know them. Wall Street long has been eager to get its hands on people’s retirement money.

The very moment the Republican establishment decides it does not need Trump anymore, all Paul Ryan has to do is to solemnly announce he reluctantly has decided a special prosecutor is required to look into Trump’s links to the Russians. He could then indicate that a committee will reconsider and now vote to demand Trump’s tax returns. Donald will resign, play the role of martyr, and go build the new political news network he had planned on doing before he “won.”

The Republican establishment will then clean house by removing some of the nationalists and replacing them with pro-business Republicans. They will continue moving to pour public school funds into the hands of private schools, including the most extreme religious schools. They will continue to dismantle environmental controls, and run amuck.

The only danger the establishment Republicans face is whether they get splattered with the news that finally comes out about Putin and Trump. I do wonder about many of my friends who have run around each day with the hair on fire over the latest moves of Trump and his cabinet. I fear that they will burn out long before elections in 2018. That very well might be one of Bannon’s strategies. What once seemed totally outrageous begins to seem relatively normal after a while. Also, people become so disgusted at the latest headlines, they very well might tune out the elections in 2018 and 2020.

So, Schatt’s unified theory of everything relating to Donald J. Trump suggests that he is living on borrowed time and is at the mercy of not only the Republican establishment but also the intelligence community that supposedly has tapes of conversations between Trump’s people and the Russians. The more drips of scandal that come out, the more Trump will try to change the subject by deflecting the attention of the press by waving his shiny keys as he tweets. Today he reacted to new leaks about his ties to the Russians by tweet an unsubstantiated charge that President Obama wire tapped his offices. The charge came from Breitbart type sources and Obama’s people quickly reacted by denying everything, but Trump partially succeeded by change the story and the press’s attention for a 24-hour cable news cycle.

Another example of how my unified theory works is that the very effort of Trump to deflect the press and the public from the Russian links story makes Trump appear to be desperate as everything starts to close in around him. He sounded paranoid today, very much the way Nixon sounded just before the end. In this case, though, almost everyone is started to turn against Trump so he might be right.