Futurist, technologist, novelist, and a person curious about many things. The roll call of jobs I’ve held over the years includes but is not limited to autopsy assistant, police department administrator, salesman, sales manager, literature professor, telecommunications professor, and technology analyst, and research director. I’m a full-time writer now and live in Carlsbad, California with my wife, Jane. My plate’s pretty full right now with writing projects. I’m writing primarily mysteries at the moment when it comes to fiction and non-fiction books on careers and retirement. I have always loved technology and politics almost as much as writing.

For many years I worked as a technology analyst, covering such diverse areas as green technology, wireless networking, network security, and local area networks. I’ve written several books on these topics and still manage to keep up with the latest trends.I started Schatt Research as a way for me to publish my views on key technology trends. Because traditional market research firms charge such outrageous fees for their reports, I’ve decided to publish my studies as books online, available at Amazon for a tiny fraction of what companies I worked for sold the same type of material. Instead of paying $5000, I’m charging the general public $10.

I’m also a volunteer job facilitator for the Jewish Family Service in San Diego with the goal of finding good jobs for the unemployed.

Here is an updated list of the books I’ve written:


Egypt Rising  published August 2013 by Eternal Press)

Journey to a Different Dimension: A Journey into the World of Minecraft (co-author with Demian Schatt)

The Smartest Kid in the World

Silent Partner: A Frankie and Josh Mystery (forthcoming)

Books About Careers & Jobs

Paint Your Career Green: Get a Green Job Without Starting Over (co-author with Michele Lobl

Biographies & Critical Studies

Michael Connelly: A Reader’s Guide

Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

Books About Technology

Understanding Local Area Networks (5 editions)

Linking LANs

Understanding Network Management

Understanding ATM

Understanding NetWare

Datacom Basics

Voice-Data Telecommunications for business (co-author with Steve Fox)

Using Novell NetWare

Microcomputers in Business & Society (college textbook)

Using AppleShare

Data Communications for Business (college textbook)

Multiplan on the Macintosh

Books on Law Enforcement

The Practical Law Enforcement Guide to Writing Field Reports (co-author with Thomas Agnos)

Books on Literature

Bartleby the Scrivener: A Casebook for Research

Understanding Modern America Literature and Culture


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  2. I love your blog!!!! I am looking forward to reading Journey to a Different Dimension. Congratulations to you and Demian on an amazing journey and book!!

  3. Dear Stan, I represent the Polish publishing house JK Publishing. We are looking for Minecraft novels to publish them in Poland and this is how I found you blog. We are interested in Journey to a Different Dimension: An Adventure in the World of Minecraft. Please contact me: maria.zalasa@wydawnictwojk.pl. All best, Maria

  4. hey i love you and demians book it is my all time favorite and trust me its not easy to make a minecraft oriented book you two did amazing and i cant wait till book 2

  5. Just read the Mike Pence book. Maybe you have someone who could look into Mike Pence’s early history with abortion and homosexuality. People who protest so vehemently against these issues usually has something to hide……..

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