Dying From Pleasure on Omega Epsilon

“Dying From Pleasure on Omega Epsilon is a short story now available for the Kindle on Amazon. I’ve always been fascinated by the concept of first contact in science fiction stories. How can we possibly understand an alien race when we have trouble understanding people from other countries who are human like us? This specific story looks at some fatal assumptions a soldier makes on an alien planet.

The other concept I’ve grappled with is just how alien could aliens be? Clearly aliens will likely not look like humans only a slightly different color as they often were pictured on Star Trek. Life can develop on a number of different planets under slightly different conditions and result in wildly different outcomes.  Given the alienness of extraterrestrials, would we find them sexually attractive? Look at some of the kinky fetishes people here on Earth have.  I hope you find the story interesting. I’ve priced it at 99 cents simply because Amazon won’t let me distribute it for free.