Discussion Guide for Alien Love

alien love cover

  1. Several astronauts including Scott Carpenter and Buzz Aldrin have reported seeing UFOs while they were in space. Research this topic. Did any of the articles you read convince you that extraterrestrials are real? What is your view of a possible alien base on the Moon?
  2. Jack Starling says he suffers from post-traumatic stress syndrome. What evidence of this condition do you find in the novel?
  3. Based on statements by Jack’s ex-colleagues as well as his actions in the novel, what kind of leader is he?
  4. What role does Hawk play in the novel?
  5. Jack’s biological father is amused by Jack’s statement that Cassandra, an Androvian, had real feelings for him. Do you think she had real feelings for him?
  6. Jack’s biological father implies that Jack does not understand the true motives of the various alien races in the novel. Do you agree with his assessment? If so, what do you think the aliens’ real agendas were?
  7. The author uses a lot of animal images to describe Pete Moon. What are some of these metaphors? Do you have a clear image in your mind of what he looks like?
  8. There is a good deal of debate among scientists over whether humanity should broadcast messages into space rather than just listen. What is your opinion?
  9. Find evidence of Cassandra’s sense of humor. Does it make her more believable as a character?
  10. There are many heroes in literature who search for their fathers. Jack Starling says he has been searching for his biological parents for his entire life. Compare and contrast Jack’s meeting with his biological father and Superman’s meeting with his father.
  11. The modern media is closely tied today to social media. Alien Love describes the firestorm resulting from Jack’s press conference. Do you think that the U.S. government would try to squelch a press conference like the one Jack organized? Is it even possible to stop social media from spreading that story?
  12. Alien Love uses a teleportation device to explain how aliens from distant planets could come to Earth. How else do science fiction writers manage to create plausible ways for faster than light travel so that a visit to distant planet is possible? Does string theory make some of these fictional creations more believable?
  13. A lot of science fiction novels describe Dulce as a place where experiments on humans take place. Research the topic and report on your findings.
  14. Alien Love is written from a third person perspective. What would be gained or lost from telling the story from Jack’s perspective using first person? (i.e.; “I walked into the room and saw…”).
  15. Jack, two different alien races, and an evangelical Christian billionaire all have different views on what they think happens after death. How do these viewpoints differ? What do you think Jack’s view on this subject is as the book ends?
  16. Cassandra says that the reason science fiction movies always portray aliens as wanting Earth’s women and natural resources is because men write the stories. What are some of the other things aliens could want from us and from our planet? Think of parallels such as Europeans’ first contacts with other peoples.
  17. Communications between aliens and humans has been a popular topic in science fiction novels. In Alien Love we see a couple of different ways of communicating. What are they? What other ways of communicating might be possible? What barriers to communications do you see?
  18. People tend to develop certain roles in relationships; even after being apart for long periods of time, they tend to assume their same roles when they meet. What evidence of this do you see in Alien Love?
  19. Jack’s biological father says that his race helped seed much of the universe, including Earth. What are some of the arguments that support the idea that an alien race seeded planets such as Earth?
  20. What do you think happens after the novel ends?

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