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“The best Minecraft novel ever!”      (10-year old reader)

“I didn’t want it to end.”                    (9-year old girl)

“My child wouldn’t let me stop reading it to him.”      (Parent)

Return to a Different Dimension is the latest novel in my Journey series. These books, written for kids who love to play Minecraft, feature the adventures of three teens –Paul, Ryan, and Tiffany. They were designed to enhance readers’ enjoyment of the game while also stretching their imagination. Journey to a Different Dimension was an Amazon best seller in the juvenile fiction category, while Return to a Different Dimension has just been released.

Conceived originally by 9-year old Demian Schatt, the books feature kids solving their own problems by using many of the skills they use when playing the game of Minecraft. The second book in the series adds such innovations as skins and modifications, but at the very heart, it’s just a rip-roaring good adventure. Kids enjoy reading these books on their own, particularly those aged 8-14, but parents have written me that they have read these books to even younger children and received enthusiastic responses.


Cover of my new book set in the world of Minecraft©

Cover of my new book set in the world of Minecraft©

Order Return to a Different Dimension from Amazon:       http://goo.gl/PrxqNk

Order Journey to a Different Dimension from Amazon:      http://goo.gl/3WV92Z






4 thoughts on “Minecraft Novels

    • Matthew,

      I am so glad you enjoyed both novels. There may be more in the future, but my latest book is Jane Blond, International Spy.



  1. I bought your first book , “Journey to a Different Dimension” for my 8yr old grandson. He does not have minecraft at home, but his best friend does. I was curious about all the vocabulary he was using, as he tried to explain his passion to me. I googled and found your book, and Amazon sent it along. I read the first chapter myself first, and then read it to him. I was concerned it might be frightening, and it was not. I left the book with him, (he is in 2nd grade, His parents were amazed that he read the entire book immediately. I am impressed, and now have found your blog. Thanks.

    • I believe he would enjoy the sequel as well: Return to a Different Dimension. Tell him that Demian and I say hello!

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