I’ve been writing science fiction lately. One reason is that it ties so closely to the years I spent as a futurist.

I’m frequently asked what a futurist is and why I claim that title. The answer is that I spent two decades analyzing data and forecasting future technology products and trends. I started as a senior analyst and moved up the ranks. By the time I left the profession I had progressed to the vice president level and managed large groups of analysts. Here are some of the areas I was responsible for:

Wireless LAN technology

Wearable and hand-held technology

Green technology

Network hardware and software technology

Video conferencing

Video surveillance

Channel distribution


Advanced printing technology

3D printers

Wireless carriers

Service providers

Managed services

Wireless healthcare

I worked for most of the major technology research companies over the years including the following:

Giga Information Group

Computer Intelligence

Ziff-Davis Market Research

Current Analysis

ABI Research


I’m often asked what kind of accuracy score I had. It’s a tough question to answer, but I estimate it at over 90%. I was accurate on such major technologies as local area networks, wireless LANs, wearable wireless technology, network operating systems, video surveillance, and green technology. i missed by betting on ATM over Gigabit Ethernet. Over the years I’ve published dozens of books on technologies including college textbooks on personal computing, data communications, and telecommunications. and a book on 3D printing. I also co-authored a book on careers in green technology.

Here is a list of articles I wrote on technology while working for some of these research companies. It is not complete, but it illustrates the types of topics that interested me.

Stan Schatt’s Publications For Giga Information Group and Forrester Research


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