Hello world!

Welcome to my blog. I intend to share my thoughts on everything from my writing to trends in technology and politics. At the moment I’m juggling several projects including:

A book on Minecraft that I’ve written with the help of my nine year old grandson. Never heard of the game? It’s a worldwide sensation with over 9 million players. This book will be out shortly.

A detective novel called Silent Partner that I’ll blog about in more detail.

A book on how people over 40 can find a good job. The book is based in part on my experiences as a volunteer job club facilitator for the San Diego Jewish Family Service. It’s also based on my hiring experiences as a senior executive with a number of market research firms.

A book on 100 fun activities to try when you retire. So many people I meet who have just retired tell me that they haven’t thought much about what to do with their time. Sometimes they tell me that their retirement plan consists of golfing. Unfortunately, you can’t golf all the time. Some of my friends have even returned to work because they couldn’t keep themselves occupied and happy without working. I’ve discovered all kinds of activities ranging from volunteering to help at an archeological dig to playing pickle ball that most people haven’t thought of trying.

A young adult novel about a girl who is very much like Indiana Jones. She discovers ancient treasures in modern Cairo during the Arab Spring. I’ve been shopping this book around so far with little success.


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