What the Interviewer Doesn’t Say Can Kill You

One key problem those over 40 face when job hunting are the questions that an interviewer doesn’t ask but require answers. Let’s look into the interviewer’s mind and address some of these questions with answers.

“I’m afraid this person is too old to have the energy for this job.”

The key here is to show lots of energy and passion from the moment you shake hands to the moment you say goodbye. You’re excited! Be sure to show it.

“I’m afraid this person is out of touch with the new technology.”

Be sure to cover yourself in this area by taking classes in Microsoft Office or whatever other program is popular for your particular field. Show your interest in the new technology by discussing what classes you’ve been taking and what you’ve been learning. Show you’re not too old to learn.

“I’m afraid this person will be sick all the time.”

Statistics show that older workers actually take fewer sick days. You might bring up how you work out regularly at your health club or some other indicator to show you are very health conscious.

“This person is overqualified and will be very unhappy with the salary I can offer.”

Address why you are specifically targeting the job and why it excites you. Explain how your life goals and needs have changed. Maybe your financial circumstances have changed and you no longer need the stress that goes along with a very high powered job. Perhaps you want to give back to your industry by mentoring younger workers.

So, just because an interviewer doesn’t bring up these questions, don’t assume they aren’t top of mind. Be a good salesperson and address all the objections you can before they become mountains to climb.

One thought on “What the Interviewer Doesn’t Say Can Kill You

  1. Great tips! I’ve often feared I did not even get a shot at the interview because of your stated reasons. I’ve cut back on my resume to the last 10 years and in the future might allude to answer some of these queries in my cover letter.

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