Everything You Know Can Be Learned From Minecraft©

My grandson and I are excited about the upcoming publication of our new novel, Journey to a Different Dimension. It’s an adventure story in which three teens find themselves thrown into the game of Minecraft© without any resources except their own courage and intelligence.

One reason the game is so popular (over 9 million people play it) is that it really puts players to the test by forcing them to survive in a hostile world where they must display their intelligence and their courage in equal parts. The game tests players’ survival skills by requiring them to search for and collect the raw materials they need to build shelter and feed themselves. In multiplayer games, the players must learn to cooperate.

While it’s not a unique concept to have players thrown into a game, what we hope makes this novel unique is the relationships that develop among Paul, Ryan, and Tiffany as they fight for survival in a world where they only can die once, and that means a permanent death.

Another aspect of the game appeals to creative players because they can design their own elaborate homes, build farms, and even design complex machines using what is called Redstone technology. We hope that readers will learn even more about the game so they can increase their enjoyment while also enjoying a novel as a pure adventure.

Unlike many books on the market, we made the choice not to put Minecraft© in the book’s title in order to comply with the game company’s copyright and brand policies. Hopefully Minecraft© players will find the book (available very soon on Amazon) and enjoy it. Keep checking back on this website because I’ll announce publication shortly and even include a copy of the book’s cover.

So, whether you want to become a doctor (cure people with potions), become an engineer (build with Redstone technology), learn to work cooperative in the fast-paced world of Silicon Valley (multiplayer mode), learn to farm, or learn to problem solve under pressure, you can learn those skills in Minecraft© or read about them in this novel.

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