Announcing the Birth of a New Book

Here’s the cover of my latest book. I co-authored it with my grandson, Demian. He’s an absolute fanatic when it comes to Minecraft©. He’s not alone, since the game has more than nine million players. He conceived the idea of having kids trapped within the game itself. We collaborated on various ideas, and he served as my technical consultant.

I’ve adhered to the manufacturer’s policy of not including the name of the game in the main title in order to keep anyone from assuming that we are associated in any way with the game; we’re not. My point in writing the book was to take the everyday world we all live in and mesh it with the completely alien world of the game. What happens when three ordinary teens find themselves fighting for their lives in a world where all the rules have changed?

The emphasis is really on how the teens’ views of each other change as they begin to be tested. Each one of them changes in some way. Each has a stereotyped view of the other. I also tried to capture the way that teens live in a world where everyone is labeled and categorized as part of a clique. These groups have little to do with each other.

I hope you consider ordering this book from Amazon either in paperback or in digital format. The book will only be available in Kindle’s digital format for the first 90 days. Then, I’ll make it available for all you Nook users. If you enjoy this book, please review it on Amazon.


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