What’s a Book Designer?

journeyLast year I published The Smartest Kid in the World through Amazon’s Createspace division. How hard could it be to publish a children’s novel? I went through the automated process and even had the company create a cover. The process was relatively painless.

The result was a book that was acceptable, because an author loves all his “children,” no matter how ugly. The print was a bit too small for a young person to read comfortably, and I had a problem combining PDF files, so the pagination wasn’t perfect.

Still, many children read the book or had it read to them, and I have heard reports from many of them that they enjoyed it. Recently I sat down with my grandson, and we decided to write a book about kids trapped in the world of the Minecraft game. Journey to a Different Dimension is the result.

This time, though, I used a professional book designer. I worked with Dafeenah Jameel at Indie Designz. The results were amazing. First of all, most of us authors have a limited font set, and we really don’t know what fonts look good in print. Secondly, most of us don’t have an eye for what styles really make a book look like it was professionally produced. I’m clueless other than knowing that chapter headings should be larger and darker than the normal text. Dafeenah designed the book so that it looks terrific. Equally important, she used special fonts she licenses that made the print jump out on the page so that kids have an easier time reading it.

Dafeenah also did an amazing job with the cover. She has a process in which she has the author fill out a questionnaire about characters, plot, etc., as well as any likes and dislikes when it comes to colors. Since the Minecraft game really emphasizes green, I wanted that color on the cover. She sent me some concepts, and I selected the one with a dragon

I can’t recommend Dafeenah highly enough. Her prices were very reasonable when you consider that I didn’t require Createspace’s Author Advantage or supported cover services. So, it actually cost me less than if I had relied on that company to help me. You can find Indie Designz at www.indiedesignz.com

Check out this cover.

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