Live Reading for Journey to a Different Dimension

Demian and I did a reading of our new book, Journey to a Different Dimension: An Adventure in the World of Minecraft. We want to thank Ms. Chavez and the third grade students at Laurel School in San Mateo, California for their hospitality.

What struck me is just how excited kids are about the game and the book. Normally kids fidget in class. These kids listened with rapt attention and then asked tons of good questions. Later, several of them told Demian that they also plan to write books. While I always thought of Minecraft as a game mostly played by boys, several girls told us they play the game.

Now Laurel School happens to be in Silicon Valley, so it might be atypical. Still, I was amazed how many kids had their own Kindles or iPads. I suspect most of them will purchase the paperback edition of the book, though.

One of the points we made during our discussion is that real characters have to be less than perfect. I’ve noticed some of the fan books on the web are filled with one-dimensional characters. Maybe he next step in the evolution of Minecraft books would be  a member of a mob who actually doesn’t like to kill people, kind of a Casper the friendly monster.

School is out for most kids now, but let me know in the Fall if you have any classes that would like a reading as well as a discussion on how to develop characters. Sales have been growing steadily. One of the challenges we face with this book is that traditional reviews don’t really reach the audience who actually would read this book. So, traditional book blogs aren’t much help. We just need readers who love the book to leave reviews on Amazon so people browsing for a Minecraft novel will see that other people have enjoyed it.

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  1. Wonderful news!!! Love the idea of the kids reading as well as writing books. You are a wonderful role model!!!!

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