Egypt Uprising Reflects My Novel, Egypt Rising

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. I wrote my novel, Egypt Rising, several months ago. The novel covers the turbulent 2011 period in Egypt when citizens overthrew their government. It pointed to the political power of the Muslim Brotherhood and its very strong bias towards imposing an Islamic state.

Egypt Rising, available later this year from Eternal Press, Amazon, and your favorite bookstore, shows the impact of rising Islamic sentiment in Egypt on an American teenaged girl. Suddenly she has to worry about whether or not her appearance meets the approval of men whose religion encourages them to look at women as objects to be controlled by the men in their families.

The novel contrasts Olivia with her best friend, a teenaged Egyptian girl whose parents practices traditional but not radical Islamic practices while her brother has been seduced into supporting a very radical group loosely affiliated with a pan Arab Islamic movement.

Today’s news (see the link below) described how thousands of citizens gathered in Cairo’s major square to stage their demonstration that resulted in the country’s military acting. In Egypt Rising, I describe how every revolution in modern Egyptian times has been born that very same way in that very same place.

So, be sure to note even more similarities between fiction and reality when Egypt Rising is released. In the meantime, take a look at what is happening today in the streets of Cairo:


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