Inter-Specie Sex: Could You Run That Sex Play Again?

I’m in the midst of writing a science fiction novel that features a lot of inter-specie sex. There, I’ve said it. What strikes me as I try to block out one particular sex scene is just how difficult the process is. Single cell organisms split and form new cells and that’s it. You can imagine a reporter describing the process: “It looks like the cell is about to reproduce. There it is!”

I’m reminded of when I programmed a football game years ago. ┬áIt was complex enough. I had to make allowances for both the offense and defense to run plays simultaneously and then determine based on their decisions, whether a pass would be successful or a runner would gain or lose yards. Still, that’s nothing compared to trying to figure out all the things that go on during sex.

There’s the female alien’s body, just filled with sensual areas. There’s the man, of course. There’s also the question of what’s going on in their heads. After all, the head plays as major a role as the lower part of the body. I haven’t even touched the other senses. What about smell? What about taste? When you’re different species, everything is new, and some of it isn’t that appealing.

My point is that sometimes dance partners preparing for contests spend months blocking out every move. It’s even more complex for a writer trying to capture every nuance of inter-specie sex. As the announcer used to say at the beginning of Star Trek, we’re going places where man has never gone before.

The novel is entitled TIL DEATH DO US PART. Look for it next year.

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