Egypt Rising Coming Out Next Week!

The excitement is certainly building around here because Eternal Press will be publishing Egypt Rising next week. I’m very pleased with the editing job the book received. Editing is not my favorite part of the writing process. I’ve been through the book a dozen times, and yet the editor found a number of ways to make the book better.

I’m reminded of the time a number of years ago when I received a paper manuscript from my publisher with hundreds of yellow sticky notes with edit requests and comments. I had already moved on to my next writing project and writing deadline, so my wife and co-author was stuck with having to address all those sticky notes.

My wife swore never to write another book with me since then, and she’s kept her word. Still, the advance we received was enough for our family to take its first trip to Europe and visit London and Paris. The physical manual involved in addressing all those sticky notes by hand is still very much a fresh memory for my wife.

Microsoft Word has taken a lot of the drudgery out of writers responding to editors’ comments and edits; still, you do have to let go as a writer and realize that editors are just plain better when it comes to doing what they do. In this case, the result is a much better book.

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