Edgar Cayce: The Sleeping Giant and the Origins of Egypt Rising

I’m amazed how many people have never heard of Edgar Cayce. story reads like something out of a science fiction novel, yet many reputable people including scientists have verified his amazing feats. Cayce grew up in Kentucky, never really received much education, yet he advised some of the most important people in the world.

Cayce would put himself into a dream-like state. While he snoozed, he would reveal amazing historical facts going back to the days of Atlantis. He also was able to cure people simply by laying his hands on them. Sound amazing? Many of his predictions have come true.

Cayce stands at the very center of my new novel, Egypt Rising. Cayce fans will recognize the prophet’s description of a Hall of Records hidden under the Sphinx. They also will recognize the laying of hands technique that the teen hero of the novel uses to save two people who are gravely wounded.

Cayce fans will not be surprised by the resistance of the Egyptian bureaucrats in the novel to any digging around the Sphinx and their ridiculing of scientists who believe in Cayce’s theories. One of Cayce’s revelations was that refugees from Atlantis fled to Egypt where they helped that fledgling civilization grow by using their advanced technology and knowledge that now remain hidden.

While I have explored the idea of reincarnation in other novels, Egypt Rising focuses on Cayce’s theories regarding Egypt. I even managed to work in the fabled Emerald Tablets. For those of you who think Cacye was crazy, ask yourself how Egypt progressed so quickly and seemed to suddenly develop a sophisticated writing system. Ask yourself also why Egyptian pyramids became less sophisticated over time, as if the Egyptians lost some of their knowledge of sophisticated building techniques. Also, as the book suggests, ask yourself why the Sphinx, an object most scientists admit is far older than the pyramids, has water damage when the area hasn’t been underwater since BEFORE Egyptians appeared.

I’ve worked Cayce’s ideas into the novel, but it remains a novel and not a polemic. In other words, I want the book to be an enjoyable novel. Those of you who become interested in learning more about Cayce will find many books in your local libraries that document his life.

If you are a Cayce fan, consider reading Egypt Rising. Written as a young adult novel, adults should find enough material there to enjoy the experience as well.

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