Audible Edition Coming for Journey to a Different Dimension

I received a request from an acquisitions editor at Audible to create a version of Journey to a Different Dimension. I listen to books daily when I take my 4-mile walk, but the mechanics of creating a copy for that media is a challenge. I’ve begun auditioning actors. It’s not as easy as it sounds.

Think about it. Journey to a Different Dimension is written for a target audience of 9-14 year old kids. To make matters more complicated, the major characters include two tween aged boys and one tween aged girl. That means that an actor must be able to use inflection to differentiate each character. I’ve received lists of actors that include boys and girls, teenaged boys and girls, and men and women in their twenties, thirties, forties, and fifties. So, one key issue I’m grappling with is what kind of voice kids would enjoy the most.

It’s amazing the power voices have over us. I served as Research Director at Computer Intelligence, a company that had a large call center. We kept detailed records and surveyed our callers. We found that men would listen to women with Southern accents no matter what they were selling because they loved the accent. Conversely, both men and women hated to listen to people with New Jersey accents and labeled such people as “hard” and “dishonest.” Most people labeled men with Southern accents as dumb and uneducated. I’m sure if we had surveyed Southern customers, their reaction would have been different.

My point is that we react to voices in very strong ways. I’m going nuts trying to cull my list of potential actors. The market will decide if I’ve made the right decision.

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