The Birth of Schatt Research

As if I’m not busy enough, I recently acted as midwife for the birth of Schatt Research. As some of you might know, I worked as a research director and VP at several major market research firms focused on technology research including Giga Information Group, Forrester Research, Current Analysis, ABI Research, etc. I wrote hundreds of reports over the years that were priced generally in four figures. I still spend a lot of the time when I’m not writing novels looking at various technologies and evaluating them. It’s a habit that’s tough to drop.

In any case, I know there are lots of people who could use the type of information found in those expensive reports, yet they simply can’t afford the prices. My solution is to take advantage of modern publishing technology and publish my studies as electronic books for the Kindle via Amazon. Since my costs are very minimal, I can keep the list prices under $10.

The first book covers the very exciting topic of 3D printing and examines this new industry from the perspective of potential investors. It cuts through a lot of the industry hype and provides  a realistic forecast. I’ve even developed what’s known as a market model so I could forecast sales and various other key components of this market.

Even if you have no plans to invest in a 3D printer company, I hope you find this new book exciting  and useful since I discuss many of the really interesting applications soon to be released. I even compare and contrast some of the leading consumer 3D printers in case you’re considering being an early adopter.

I’ll showcase the cover as soon as it’s ready.

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