Where Do Book Ideas Come From?

Have you ever wondered where a novelist find ideas for his next book? For some reason, probably all the meds I take, I have very vivid dreams. When I’m talking vivid, I mean full length features in color. Sometimes I take an active role in the action while other times I’m just an observer. In any case, the dreams generally stay with me when I wake up.

“Dying From Pleasure on Omega Epsilon,” the short story I posted on Amazon, is an example of a story that came right from a dream. How else can you explain the weird premise? Other stories start with a dream and then I wind up fleshing out the content.

I’m at a point now where I’m ready for my next project. Alien Love is still being considered by the Kindle Scout Program (Please vote before January 15th). That novel eventually will be published by someone; it’s too good a story to remain unpublished, and I’m perfectly willing to birth the baby myself (self-publish) if necessary.

I keep files on my computer that have names like “new idea for SF novel” and “YA novel idea” and “Cozy Mystery Idea.” Recently I went through some old files on my backup server and found a wonderful plot. Three double-spaced pages of elaborate details describing a science fiction story that grabbed me right away. Interestingly enough, the file was originally conceived around 2006. It’s been sitting there all this time!

So, I have my next project, and I don’t have to worry about plagiarism since I know where the idea came from. All I can say is keep those meds coming so the well doesn’t run dry!

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