Reaching Out to Touch Someone

I’ve always been more of an observer than a participant. I think that’s natural for someone who loves to write. I’m the guy at the party holding a drink and listen while people talk. Of course I’ll add my views, but I’m likely not to initiate a conversation with a stranger. Being more of an introvert has advantages and disadvantages for a writer. For one thing, I can spend the day writing without feeling cut off from people. It would drive more social people like my wife crazy.

So, having noted the advantage, I have to tell you the disadvantage. If we lived in the old world book age when publishers did all the publicity and all a writer had to do was show up for a book tour, there really wouldn’t be a major disadvantage. Today, though, writers are expected to generate their own word of mouth publicity. That can be a major challenge with a limited budget.

Recently my book, Alien Love, found a place on the Kindle Scout website:

That’s great, but the problem is that the author is responsible for finding people to vote for the book. I began by reaching out to my friends and former colleagues. Where should I go after I’ve exhausted that pool? I do have a lot of interests, so I’ve been exploring Twitter and trying to identify people who seem to share my interests. I was floored when someone I had never met wrote and said he not only voted for my book but also retweeted to spread the word because he found the link I sent him to be interesting. I realized that Twitter had replaced the phone as a way to reach out and touch someone, even someone you never had met before.


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