What if Extraterrestrials Revealed Themselves in 2015?

Alien Love, the novel that Kindle Scout has placed on its website so people can decide if it should be printed http://goo.gl/E0I8Dz assumes that the government is now working closely with aliens. There are all kinds of rumors to that effect, including revelations by some former astronauts.

So, what if the world learned the truth in 2015? How would it impact the world as well as individual people? Let’s start with the major impacts:

RELIGION: Massive impact, particularly in the red states with evangelicals. If God created Man in his own image, what do the aliens represent? In my novel, one evangelical assumes it is really Lucifer’s fallen angels. Isn’t that a distinct possibility? Religious people will begin to question everything they took for granted such as Heaven. What if aliens have their own views of life after death as I suggest in my novel?

STOCK MARKET: Massive impact in certain sectors. I imagine traditional oil stocks will implode since everything I’ve read suggests that aliens have warned humans to stop destroying the planet with pollution and radiation. New energy sources from alien technology would mean we’d have to rethink our entire transportation industry. Some science fiction writers have suggested that the presence of aliens with advanced technology would have a negative impact on science. Why even try if the aliens already are so far ahead in figuring things out? Alien knowledge regarding medicine would have an enormous impact – -think of the drug industry if there’s no longer a need to cure cancer with traditional medicines. Research institutions would begin to question why they exist. Why should people give money to a research institution when the aliens are offering us their medical knowledge? What about the Koch brothers? There goes their coal mine empire when the aliens provide proof of the harm coal is doing to our planet and offer clean alternatives.

EDUCATION  Traditional majors might undergo a major devaluation. Does anyone really want to study aerospace engineering when the answers are already figured out and available? Of course new majors would appear because of the need for eco-biologists, as well as experts in alien psychology and culture. If the aliens have a way of piping information into our heads, then why spend four years in college?

THE ECONOMY  There are rumors that gold is widely available throughout the universe. If so, then currencies that rely on gold will lose all value. Unload your goldmine stock as quickly as possible. What if the aliens are like the universe in StarTrek, a post monetary society where there is no poverty and no need to worry about providing for oneself?

GOVERNMENT  Here’s the trickiest part to predict. Most people believe the government has kept aliens a secret for over fifty years. Why should people believe anything the government says? Once the aliens are out in the open, is there a need for more expensive secret funding of projects ensured to keep everything secret? It is likely that people will come forth and reveal secrets kept from the people that will cause many to lose faith in elected leaders. I believe we’d see two parties –one pledging its undying loyalty to humans and vowing not to trust the aliens (kind of an off-shoot of the No Nothing element in American politics) and a second party that pledges to work with aliens. The military would be caught in the middle since the brass probably hungers for more super weapons built upon alien technology while fearing a revolt by the American people that would do away with the current military structure.

It should be an interesting year.



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