A Quantum Universe

“Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.”

Albert Einstein

I’ve been doing a very deep dive on the topic of quantum physics, particularly the idea of a multiverse. Fun reading? No, but it’s research for my next science fiction novel. I should clarify that I have completed Alien Love, but it is not as yet contracted although a couple of publishers have shown some interest. My sequel to Silent Partner, A Bullet for the Ghost Whisperer, has been signed by Pen-L and should be published sometime in 2015. So, my yet unnamed new science fiction novel is just starting to percolate in my head.

Every book is different. With this one I have managed to figure out an ending and a beginning, so the real work in constructing the various scenes that constitute the plot is just in the beginning phase. The book is the most ambitious one I’ve undertaken because it requires me to build a number of complex characters since one of the themes is that small decisions have enormous consequences in our lives because we all have positive and negative elements in our characters. It doesn’t take much to push someone’s darker impulses to the front; conversely, a person might avoid going down a dark path if he makes what appears to be a very small decision. Let’s say he doesn’t go to a particular social event where he would have met a charismatic criminal type who would unduly influence him.

There also is the belief in quantum physics that while we perceive events in chronological order, they do not necessarily occur that way. It’s possible that all events in past, present, and future exist simultaneously. Try wrapping your head around that idea!

So, I almost feel like an observer watching myself work on blocking out this new novel. Meanwhile, it is an exciting time because people are still voting on my novel as part of the Kindle Scout program.


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