UFOs: Say it Ain’t So, John

I was very disturbed today to read that John Pedesta has one real regret. He regrets that when he was in government he didn’t demand that the government disclose what it knows about UFOs. Think about why this very experienced politician said. The implication is that there is something to be disclosed. That flies right in the face of what the government has been telling us for years.

Podesta is very close to Hillary Clinton, so I wonder what would happen if he was asked to serve in her administration if she won. Would he continue to request full disclosure? I recently published an article from a government journal that implied that a message already has been received from space. That essay was written in the 1960’s. Who knows what has happened since?

I believe that scientists outside of government do not know anything. The scientists involved with SETI still seem very focused on looking for messages from space. The U.S. government announced a few months back that it was responsible for fooling people into thinking there were UFOs out there. Since few people believe anything the government says now, this “frank” confession struck most people as a way to suggest that people stop looking for unidentified flying objects.

I’ve already written about ex-astronauts who claim they saw alien activity on the Moon and were told not to say anything. Now we have a former very highly placed government official who claims there is something that should be disclosed. All of this lends credence to Alien Love, my science fiction novel that Booktropia will publish later this year where i suggest there has been a government conspiracy for years involving favored status for one particular group of aliens.

I’m not a conspiracy nut who claims that aliens gave us velcro in exchange for carte blanc to aliens to abduct people and experiment on them. I do believe that there is something to disclose, something that people have a right to know. Here’s the link to the article about John Padesta.


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