An Analyst’s View of The Final Frontier

For more than two decades I made my living as a technology analyst. The closest parallel I’ve found are the mentats in Frank Herbert’s Dune. In other words, my job was to “drink” a torrent of information on a particular topic, analyze the data, and figure out what it all meant. In particular, I was looking for patterns that might be lost in the jumble of seemingly irrelevant data. Who wanted this type of analysis? We sold the analysis to Fortune 500 companies, stock brokerage firms, and government agencies.

Now that I have time to analyze what I want to focus on and not what my clients care about, I’ve turned my attention toward the skies. There’s a fascinating space race taking place beneath the surface. Did you know that the Indian government is planning a mission to Mars that will cost less than the cost of producing the movie Gravity? The Chinese are doing likewise, while we have a robot on Mars already.

Why all this attention to Mars and not to the Moon that is much closer? There have been persistent rumors as well as statements by some former astronauts that the Moon already is occupied by extraterrestrials who have made it clear we’re not welcome there. If this sounds silly to you, then you need to read some of the astronauts’ own words. There is enough discrepancies in NASA’s reporting as well as missing photos that it makes any intelligent person start to wonder what that agencies knows but doesn’t want to reveal.

What’s so special about Mars? There was a report a few years back of a meteor that crash landed here on Earth that appeared to have some fossils in it. The implication was that life as we know it might have started on Mars and then spread to Earth. Why is there a space race to Mars now?

I think what we see as a space race is really a modern version of the old gold rush that helped build California. Instead of gold, though, there’s a search for any alien technology that might give a country an advantage economically and militarily. Supposedly during the height of the Cold War, US and Soviet forces rushed to wherever UFOs were reportedly to have crashed. Once again, the motivation was to find technology well in advance of our own.

Today we have strange lights on Ceres that never have been seen before. Scientists are scrambling to come up with logical explanations, but so far they appear to be grasping at straws.

Besides a rush to find alien technology, there are other reasons why humanity views space as the final frontier and looks to the stars. We live on a very small planet revolving around a minor star.  One large asteroid on a collision course could wipe out humanity. So, there is an implicit understanding among some scientists that humanity will have to expand and colonize other planets in order to ensure humanity’s long-term survival as well as relieve the pressure on Earth’s environment. If alien races exist as I believe they do, there will be a space race of sorts to put Occupied signs on habitable planets. If we’re late to the party, we might find ourselves alone in a hostile universe. Think of the old Star Trek series. Even though the Federation’s mission was to explore new worlds and go where Man has never gone before, there was a race of sorts to develop friendships with new races and planets before the Federation’s enemies could do likewise. In political terms, you could think of this as a battle to enlarge spheres of influence.

Americans by their very nature are individualists with little faith in Government. Our ancestors fled here to live without the constraints they found in the old world. The streak of libertarianism that you now see to extremes in some politicians has very deep roots in this country. With that streak comes suspicion. So, when rumors start to fly about the Roswell incident, a possible treaty with an alien race, NASA’s private conversations with astronauts on private channels, etc., we find ourselves inclined to believe them.

From my perspective as a former analyst and “futurist” who was pretty damned good at his job, I think there simply is too many data points on the side of evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence. Like a house of cards, all the official government denials will eventually crumble and we’ll have a public disclosure.

I’m sure you could tell that this topic fascinates me. My new non-fiction book, Extraterrestrial Intelligence, looks at the facts and comes to some conclusions as to what will happen when a public disclosure finally comes. I also have written a science fiction novel, Alien Love, that Booktrope will publish later this year. That particular novel includes one character, an old astronaut dying of cancer, who spills the beans on all the lies our government has spread over the years. What the novel reveals is that Earth is very much like Casablanca just before World War II with several alien agents (rather than Nazi agents as found in the movie) with their own agendas.

So, while we’re waiting for the official disclosures, let’s focus our attention on news stories about what is happening on Ceres, independent analyses of photos from the Mars rover, any unusual meetings with scientists and President Obama, and even UFO reports. By the way, have you noticed how UFO reports have increased over the past year?

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