Locating Mr. or Mrs. Right for a Review

I’m starting to gear up for a late fall release of A Bullet for the Ghost Whisperer (published by Pen-L). Hybrid novels are always a bit difficult to match with readers and reviewers. In this case, the book is clearly a police procedural mystery, but it also has a touch of the paranormal. In other words, a detective uses good police work to logically solve a murder, but there is also a ghost involved.

Part of my marketing plan involves finding readers who are willing to read the novel and then write a review for Amazon. So many potential book buyers look at the number and score of customer reviews before choosing a novel. For an author published by a small publisher without a marketing budget, it means a lot of queries to book bloggers.

What makes this book a little more challenging is that element of the supernatural. Some bloggers indicate they review mysteries but also review Christian fiction. Since a ghost (certainly not a holy ghost) might play loose and fast with traditional dogma, I’ve tended to cross such reviewers off my list.

Lots of reviewers specify they want romance or young adult fiction. Sorry, not this time. The bloggers who do review mysteries are overwhelmed, so it’s a struggle. Count the number of Amazon reviews by December or so and you’ll see how successful or unsuccessful I’ve been.


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